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The Victorian era is an iconic one, inspiring artists, authors, and creators for centuries. It is the era that gave us many of the technological advances we have today, science fiction and gothic novels, and Impressionism. However, the Victorian era was also the height of Imperialism, slavery still existed in the United States, and white women didn't have the right to vote. So, to be "modern Victorian" means to take a critical look back at the past, shed light on the dark bits, and revel in the general fashion. And to use modern technologies to do so, like making sure that my materials are recycled, upcycled, and sustainably sourced. 


Sarah N Hixson

I have a B.A. in Art History from Susquehanna University and a M.A. in Indigenous Studies from the University of Kansas, graduating in 2020. I am still hoping to work in an art museum in the future; however, because of the pandemic, museum work has not been plentiful, and I have had to get creative -- literally!

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I am striving to make sure my products and shipping materials are as eco-friendly as possible. By the end of April 2021, all of my paper will be recycled or Handmade, and my envelopes will be made with craft material. My mailers will be recyclable or compostable, and my adhesives will be  vegetable-based. This is a transition, and it will not always be perfect, but I am running my business thinking about the earth and my impact upon it. ​I am working on upcycling, buying as many used and lightly worn materials as I can.

If at any time you see something that I could be doing better, please let me know by sending other information about other businesses, materials, methods, etc. Your input will be greatly appreciated and I will work on correcting it.

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